How Does Your Service Work?

We help creative talent find meaningful temp and temp-to-perm work. The first step is to connect with a local recruiter, who acts as an advocate to represent you both to our internal teams and to clients, presenting your profile to opportunities that match your skill set, interest, and experience. We have an in-depth screening process that includes a phone interview, face-to-face interview, portfolio review, appropriate skills assessments and ultimately, orientation to our service.

Once on an assignment, we pay you directly and weekly, and get you set up for all the perks we offer our talent. We handle all invoicing and collections with clients, so you can focus on what you do best.

For freelance roles, we work hard to help you stay busy, repackaging your work and presenting you to additional opportunities as your agent (Think Jerry Maguire). For temp-to-perm work, we help you navigate the first 90 days as a freelancer to make sure you love the job before you make a permanent decision.

Throughout the process, our agents help coach you on your career path, prepare you for interviews, and share cool trends and events so you can keep on growing. We’ve even been known to have some sweet swag, says the marketing department.

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Aquent & Vitamin T: What Is the Difference?

Aquent, founded in 1986, is the world’s largest creative staffing agency serving global, complex brands, including ⅔ of the Fortune 500. Vitamin T is a division of Aquent that specializes in digital creatives and helps Agencies and businesses of all sizes.

Whether you sign up or work through Aquent or Vitamin T, you are a part of one big happy family. Signing up with Vitamin T gives you exposure and opportunities with Aquent as well, and vice versa, and we’re proud to say that we foster a collaborative environment that encourages agents throughout the company to work together to help you find work.

I'm Looking for Work

We specialize in digital creative roles for agencies and design-loving companies. From art directors to front end developers to copywriters to UX designers and more, the creatives we represent generally bring 2+ years (often decades) of professional experience in the creative field. Your first step is to browse our jobs for a role that fits your skills and interests. Remember, we’re a service for companies seeking expertise, so we’re not your best choice for transitioning careers or finding your first job in the creative field.

That said, we have lots of resources to help you improve your chances of finding work. So whether or not we can help you today, check out our blog for hiring trends and tips and consider Aquent Gymnasium, our free online training on the most in-demand creative skills.

Who Pays for Your Service?

Agencies and design-loving companies who are looking for skilled creatives pay for our services. It costs you nothing to sign up for representation or to work through us. We work hard to make sure that you can focus on the work.

What if There Is No Vitamin T Office Near Me?

We’ve made it our specialty to work with our clients locally, so most of our opportunities exist in those cities where we have physical offices. However, sometimes our clients are looking for just the right talent, no matter where they live! So check out our job postings, which include those posted by our Aquent brand, which works with Fortune 500 companies in many cities worldwide.

I Applied to a Job but Haven't Heard Back

We work hard to make sure every applicant to our service receives a response and know it’s frustrating not to know what’s happening next.

If you applied to one of our jobs and haven't heard back, it's likely that candidates are still under review for client submission. The agent who posted the job is working hard to help that client find the perfect match and will contact you if the information you provided in your submission matches the position to schedule an interview with us. Ultimately, our clients determine which talent they wish to engage, so sometimes our process is delayed by changes in client business or lack of response.

You may also contact the agent that posted the position to follow up or reach out to an agent in your local market to discuss other opportunities, just in case there was an unforeseen issue that prevented your information from reaching its destination.

I Need Help with My MyAquent Account

Visit our Log-In Help page to troubleshoot any MyAquent issues.

If you are still having trouble, contact us at

Does Vitamin T Provide Any Training?

Not only do we provide training, we give it away for free. Aquent Gymnasium offers online courses designed to teach creatives today’s most in-demand skills. In addition, we have partnerships with great organizations like The Webby Awards and An Event Apart, both of whom share trends and skills needed to get ahead in our industry.

Our Vitabites blog is filled with training tips, industry and hiring trends, and insights, so be sure to sign up for our digest to stay ahead.

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I'm A Recent College Graduate Looking for Assistance in Starting My Career

Most of our working talent have a minimum of 2 years of experience, since clients come to us looking for existing expertise in specific areas. However, raw talent is always in demand! Check out our jobs to see if you find something right for you.

Even if nothing fits the your skills and interests today, we have lots of resources to help you improve your chances of finding work. So whether or not we can help you today, check out our blog for hiring trends and tips and consider Aquent Gymnasium, our free online training on the most in-demand creative skills.

How Can I Connect with an Agent?

If you have a general question chat live below, call (617) 535-5000 or email us at

If you are looking for work, visit our browse jobs page and apply directly to any positions that meet your skill set and experience.  If there’s not a current match in your location, but you are a creative or digital talent with 2 to 5 years of professional experience in the roles we place, apply for representation here.

If you are an existing talent of ours looking to speak with your agent, chat live or search for an agent by name.

Still Need Help?

Chat live below or email us at

If you’re in North America, you can call us toll free at (617) 535-5000 .

For our London office, call 020 7404 0088. In Australia? The Sydney office number is 02 8973 1500 and our Melbourne office can be reached at 03 9975 1200.