Vitamin T Square Deal

Take care of everyone in your workforce by giving them a Square Deal.


Vitamin T Square Deal enables companies to offer a consistent, custom benefits package to their entire extended workforce of contingent talent.

  • Add more top performers – A-players are four times more productive than everyone else.
  • Increase retention rates – Reduce hiring and training expenses as well as the cost of lost productivity when a seat is empty.
  • Reduce turnover – From 43% to 18%, which saves $533,000 per year in lost productivity and hiring and training costs.

To explore the math, see Square Deal By The Numbers.

What’s in Vitamin T Square Deal?

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True Equality

We work with market leaders like Cigna and Fidelity to match the best employee benefits packages.

Fast Eligibility

Talent are covered even for part-time or short-term work.

Full Flexibility

Benefits can be customized to meet a company’s unique needs and budget.

Talent Care

Our benefits team supports talent with award-winning customer service.

Easy Scalability

Pilot custom benefits with a single team or scale them across your entire extended workforce.